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Ernest Everett Just was not like other scientists of his time. He saw the whole, where others saw only parts. He noticed details others failed to see. He persisted in his research despite the discrimination and limitations imposed upon him as an African American. His keen observations of sea creatures revealed new insights about egg cells and the origins of life.


 I'm honored to have my short story "On the Border" included in the CAAWC anthology All the Songs We Sing, edited by Lenard D. Moore and with an introduction by Jaki Shelton Green.

Winner of the Carter G. Woodson Book Award


"A must-purchase picture book biography of a figure sure to inspire awe and admiration among readers."

-Starred, School Library Journal 

"[V]ivid, inspiring tribute to a noteworthy life. "

-Publishers Weekly

"More than a story of triumph against the odds, this book shows the necessity of opportunity for brilliant minds to reach their potential."

-Kirkus Reviews

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